Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pain of finding an illustrator

Okay most of us have been there. Trying to find an illustrator for our books and as the search goes on you get more frustrated. So now I'm here to tell you to take a deep breath, relax and refocus, use all of the networks you belong to and make them work for you. I will tell you for my Simon Says series of children books I have the best illustrator in the game Mr. Mike Motz, he was able to put every vision I had on paper. The illustrations came out great, no they came out perfect. My Simon Says series are going to sky rocket because of his creativity.
For my second book, I wanted to use someone else, not that I don't love Mikes work I just wanted to give someone else a shot, it's a about creativity but it was back a square one. So I took a deep breath and started my postings and for a couple of days not response but then it happened on my Book Marketing Network a friend on my page Bobby Ozuna gave me a name and I contacted him not only was he available he nailed my book cover on the first go, so THANK YOU BOBBY for the hook-up. I was at work when I opened it and let out a scream of joy I love it so THANK YOU Marcello for the excellent cover, you are a natural talent.
So for everyone out there going through the frustrations of finding an illustrator, proofreader, graphics artist, promotion material etc use your networks, that's what they are for. So now when someone says happy hunting, they mean it. Have a Wonderful Holiday.

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Bobby Ozuna said...

Thought I'd return the favor! Thanks for the kudos!!!

Thanks Teresa!!!

~Bobby Ozuna

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