Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simon on Diva By Design

I just wanted to inform everyone Simon Says Share is making its debut today. Today has just been awesome, first my interview with Dawn Martin on Diva by Design was WONDERFUL, you have to check out her blog, she is doing great things Divas By Design. The guest she had on today to include me are walking through all the doors GOD has opened for them. I wish them great success.

She introduced us to a new system called it work wonderfully, I can wait to check out her new Diva University tomorrow. I feel so blessed to be doing something I love to do, to do something GOD lead me to do. Dawn's show is enlightening and insightful, if you haven't checked it out you should. Special props to Angie Bee for holding it down during technical difficulties. I can't wait to read S.I.S Morgan's book Living testimonies and Honey for the Soul and most definetly the book Strong Black Coffee. Can't wait to get to Cananda on April 26 for that Diva Tour.

I can't say enough Dawn is doing WONDERFUL things, GOD bless to her and all the women out there working it. Thank you and keep an eye out for Simon Says Share and future books published by Phylira, LLC.

Today @ six the OFFICIAL book release is happening at Kumo's Restaurant, 780 Lakewood Road in Waterbury, CT.

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