Sunday, December 7, 2008

Professional Criticism

Many people do not like constructive criticism, and no one likes to be criticized on something they poured their heart into. Print On Demand authors I am here to say take it with a smile, it can only help you, make you better and strengthen your spirit. This is how my professional criticism about my book started. I met Courtney Crosslin of Have a Wonderful at a Cocktails and Connection Meet-up in New Haven, CT given by Apresenta Concept. Courtney and I spoke throughout the night and she mentioned Bea’s Book Store. The real name is A Walk In Truth Christian Books – Black Print Bookstore located at 162 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT. Everyone knows it as Bea’s Bookstore because Ms. Bea Dozier-Taylor has been in the book business for 20 years. Congrats to you Ms. Bea. Courtney kept in touch by e-mail and sent me the information I needed to contact the bookstore. I followed up and talked with Ms. Jaymes Grace of Communication Works 4U on the telephone and we set up a date and time.

Needless to say I prepared for my presentation the night before, I knew what I was going to wear, backwards planned the time I should leave the house everything. Now for a 20-minute ride that took me 1 hour and 20 minutes, I could not believe this could be happening. I called ahead to inform her I was going to be late and the traffic was out of control. I’m in the military late is never an option but I was not going to let this turn of events spiral into something worse so I kept a positive attitude and I finally arrived.

I gave my presentation, my press kits; promotional items everything, I was proud of myself because I am new at this public speaking thing. Then Ms. Bea let me have it, now do not get me wrong, EVERYTHING she said to me was true and made so much sense but what I keep playing in my mind to this day and what we as self-publishers should always keep in mind. We are not like traditional authors/publishers with agents, these authors have a team of experts that are paid by the company to make sure the book is 100%, while we as self-publishers research and pay many people for a service to make sure our books are a 100%. We must not settle for anything less than perfection. Ms. Bea gave me some wonderful advice and I will take every single one of them with a strong embrace. I called my graphics guy and told him to do my bookmarks over – he agreed but I have to pay for shipping.

So I said all of that to say this, many of us do what we do for the love of writing, creative freedom and joy of it so do not allow ANYONE to take that away by giving you substandard service. If it is not what you want have them do it again or demand your money back. I am proud of my books and look forward to bringing them to Ms. Bea Dozier-Taylor and Ms. Jaymes Grace for their stamp of approval. Thank ALL of you ladies for everything.

PS: Everyone should attempt to seek out a Ms. Bea Dozier-Taylor and Ms. Jaymes Grace they will be your best resource, nothing but positive things can happen.


haveAwonderful said...

Oh my!
When I received your email this morning, I could not have expected this. Such kind words!

Thank you and I'm glad that you were able to meet and make a connection.

Good Luck to you!


Lovebabz said...

There is no one finer than Bea Dozier Taylor. She is an amazing woman and has been my friend for atleast 16-17 years!

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